The Editorial Board of the Iuris Forum Law Journal summons all interested parties to submit works on public and private, national, international or comparative law. Essays, articles, comments on jurisdictional decisions and legislation will be accepted, within the framework of the guidelines approved by the Editorial Board of the Law Journal for their evaluation and acceptance.

Given the rapid advancement of legal research education, the realities and challenges faced by the legal systems of contemporary States, and the patent development that academia is currently experiencing in the Dominican Republic, there is need for a space where researchers, the academic community in general, and any other interested party, can make current contributions in the study of law. Iuris Forum intends to provide this space and contribute to local and international jurisprudence.

  1. Papers should be sent to the email until:
    • April 27, 2021 for volume 1, number 1, January - June.
    • October 1, 2021 for volume 1, number 2, June - December.
  2. Only original and unpublished works and whose publication is not being considered in other journals at the same time will be considered for the evaluation in a double-blind system.
  3. The papers must comply with the formal requirements detailed in the journal’s submission guideline.
  4. The papers that are approved by the Editorial Board will be evaluated in accordance with the editorial policies of the publication.