Master of Business Administration

Master of Business Administration


1 año y 4 meses


                     Santiago                        Santo Tomás de Aquino


Finance Concentration

Dual degree with Creigton University, United States 

In recent years, because of the integration of markets, companies need to be highly competitive and, consequently, high quality training in a business school has become a fundamental prerequisite for the development of Managerial skills. Therefore, the Master in Business Administration, dual degree with Creighton University of the United States, arises with the purpose of satisfying the needs of business organizations to have human talent specialized in senior management and business management.

This program has been designed to provide professionals with an integral perspective of the company and with the ability to adopt a multidisciplinary approach to solve the competitiveness problems in today's world. In addition, it provides participants with a holistic view of the fundamental processes of management, finance and investment banking.